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FTPDirect is a software for synchronizing local and remote FTP directories.

Once configuried, you can synchronize your projects one-sidedly or two-sidedly at the push of a button oder fully

automatically - by setting a certain synchronization interval.

Every synchronization step is stored in Sync-Logs and can be accessed after the synchronization has finished.

So every file, which was overwritten or removed a backup is made of: You can even undo steps afterwards and

so recover overwritten or removed files.

- FTP Proxy servers are supported as well as SSL/TLS encryption

- Project-specific or global ingore-lists for files and folders

- Sync-Log Management for accessing synchronization steps afterwards

- Handling multiple projects

- Synchronizing projects out of the windows tray

- Integrated Trouble-Shooting

- Function Calls: Use FTPDirect as module for FTP synchronization out of your programs/scrips

FTPDirect is capable of handling almost every FTP Server and by automatically creating backups of

locally/remotely removed or changed files. By using FTPDirect, you are always on the safe side.

FTPDirect is meant for everyone, who creates websites and needs to synchronize them to

an FTP Server or vice-versa: FTPDirect can be used for mirroring your blog or website from your

FTP-Server to your local disk - automatically.

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FTPDirect 1.37.580.694 for PC

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